Your donation will allow us to support more children in need through our projects.

What can you do?


Your generous donation will help support the various programmes run by the foundation and its partners, who are working to improve the lives of millions of disadvantaged children around the world. It also represents an important source of encouragement for everyone working on the ground. Every donation makes a difference and will be used to:

  • allow more children to participate in our programmes;
  • provide sports equipment and school supplies;
  • train new volunteers, coaches and educators;
  • replicate projects in different communities;
  • provide emergency assistance.

All private donations to the foundation (net of bank and telephone service charges) will directly support our partners’ projects on the ground. You can find details of all the current projects on our website.

We use sport in general, and football in particular, to stimulate children’s development, from encouraging creativity and imagination to supporting greater autonomy to promoting fitness and health. Through football, we work to defend the dignity and rights of all children, without discrimination, in a wide range of areas.

Our Commitments

The UEFA Foundation for Children’s expenditure is checked by an internationally renowned audit firm that applies rigorous international financial reporting standards.

The external auditors produce an annual report, which is sent to all donors. Furthermore, the foundation’s activity report, which is published on our website every December, contains data on the budget and expenditure as well as information about operations on the ground.

Join us to support children around the world and give them a future.

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